Digital Engineering
Solutions and IT Services

Advanced digital solutions provider and global software
developer for businesses, institutions, and individuals.

Application Modernization.

Creating a better customer experience, driving cost
optimization, and increasing data relevance.

Prakat’s application modernization services allow clients to transform their
systems with next-generation architecture that increases agility, flexibility,
productivity, and profitability.


An international healthcare organization lacked a modern, integrated
health information platform. A technology solution was developed to seamlessly
exchange data between India’s individual state systems and the Integrated
Health Information Platform (IHIP).

Data Service Center.

Data management, governance, and security for
businesses of all sizes.

A modern approach to managing platforms from start to finish with
advanced features including robust data analysis while delivering improved
data quality and eliminating security risks.


India’s largest energy utility power supply corporation needed to improve
their operational efficiency while optimizing costs and revenue. Prakat
delivered a deep analytics and machine learning solution.

Accessibility Engineering

Enabling Unlimited Potential.

Prakat’s vision for an inclusive world begins with creating accessibility
technology that empowers individuals with different abilities, providing
improved access to every possible resource.


Prakat continues to drive accessibility and champion inclusivity throughout
the digital ecosystem and vcelebrates Global Accessibility Awareness Day
(GAAD) each year.