Case Study Empowering Individuals with Disabilities in the IT Industry

Learning & Development: Upskilling Individuals with Disabilities for Tech Jobs

Prakat Solutions. Inc. recognizes the immense potential of people with disabilities and aims to foster inclusivity through digital accessibility.
Case Study Empowering Differently-Abled Individuals

Learning & Development: Accessibility Testing Skills for Individuals with Disabilities

Providing specialized training in Accessibility Testing to individuals with disabilities.
Case Study PEO Data Organization in CRM

Product Engineering: Quote Automation on Salesforce

A Custom Salesforce module built to do API Integrations with external inputs of Insurance Rates using daily batch to get rates that are most relevant for a specific US State and Specific territory for California.
Case Study PEO Data Organization in CRM

Product Engineering: Integration of ACORD 130 Data with CRM

An OCR-based scanning and integration of data with Salesforce Sales Cloud was developed.
Case Study PEO Data Organization in CRM

Product Engineering: Salesforce Customizations for Insurance Brokers

We proposed and developed a CRM using Salesforce Sales Cloud.
Case Study Test Automation Framework

Test Engineering: End-to-end Test Automation Framework

The project aimed to enhance the automation framework's robustness and efficiency while designing, developing, and maintaining scripts for billing components across different regions.
Case Study Automation Framework and BRM

Test Engineering: Keyword Driven Automation Framework for Oracle BRM

To address these challenges, a keyword-driven automation framework was leveraged.
Case Study Automation framework/Karate

Test Engineering: Automation Framework for Subscriber Provisioning

The project focused on integrating high-level billing and functional systems within the billing area.
CaseStudy SFMC

Product Engineering: Improve SFMC Based Email Experience

The project aimed to enhance customer correspondence experiences for offerings by leveraging Sales Force Marketing Cloud (SFMC) and Oracle BIP.
Case Study PEO Data Organization in CRM

Test Engineering: Functional & User experience Testing for Leading Mobile POS

The client, a prominent mobile POS solution provider, offers payment processing and smart point-of-sale systems.
Data Analytics for SAP Clients

Product Engineering: SAP Data Analytics for a Large Energy Utility

Discover how Prakat used SAP application data to implement a vendor rating model to measure and improve supplier performance. Read our case study now.
CaseStudy App Modernization Surveillance featured image

Product Engineering: Data Ingestion Pipelines for Disease Surveillance

Read about how Prakat developed a solution using APIs enabled secure and seamless exchange of data across multiple state and central departments and technology firms.
Case Study Telehealth

Product Engineering: Development of an Integrated Health Platform

Read our latest case study featuring Prakat’s test engineering services that ultimately improved patient care in the health technology and telehealth field.
Case Study App Modernization Telehealth

Product Engineering: Remote Patient Monitoring Services

Delivering rich mobile and web experiences is the goal of application modernization focusing on user experience, compatibility, integration, and scalability.
Case Study PEO Data Organization in CRM

Product Engineering: Restaurant Order Management App

This restaurant order management case study highlight how Prakat delivered the user-friendly app with innovative features for the restaurant. Read now.
Case Study Software Development

Product Engineering: Horticulture Enterprise Resource Planning

Prakat's software for agriculture industry implements cost-effective smart farming techniques that reduce losses and meet growing demand. Read the case study.
Case Study Test Engineering Warburtons

Test Engineering: Leading Bakery Chain

Read how Prakat's testing mechanism for food industry implement and enhance new features steadily and continually to improved retail operations.