Leveraging Machine Learning for Predictive Analytics

Learn how leveraging machine learning for predictive analytics is revolutionizing data. Abhik Biswas, Prakat’s Chief Technology Officer shares his insights.
Abik Biswas

Assistive Technology for a Differently-Abled Workforce

Discover assistive technology tools for the differently-abled and learn how they help businesses achieve their goals. Prakat’s Abhik Biswas shares his expertise

Employee Commitment and Advocacy

The success of a business often hinges on loyal and committed employees and how much they advocate for their company. Read about Prakat’s specific experience.
Putting Diversity and Inclusion into Action - Anu Biswas

Becoming a Better Small Business

Anuradha Biswas, of Prakat Solutions, joins an experienced panel of industry experts and discusses the importance of small business diversity and inclusion.
Software Testing During the Time of COVID, Anu Biswas

Software Testing During the Time of Covid

Learn how innovators streamline and improve existing processes like software testing during pandemics like COVID-19. Our very own Anuradha Biswas explains.
Shift-Left in Digital Accessibility

Shift-Left in Digital Accessibility

What exactly is Fintech and what should you know about it? Learn about this unique form of technology designed for financial transactions of today and tomorrow.
GAAD: Global Accessibility Awareness Day

Accessibility During Crisis: The True Meaning of GAAD

GAAD is a global event focused on building a more inclusive and accessible world. Learn how these were more crucial than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Executive Insights Modernizing Your Business

The Importance of Modernizing Your Business

Learn about the importance of modernizing your business through application modernization, and how it can lead to increased efficiencies and improved sales.
Executive Insights Product Engineering

Why Your Business Needs Product Engineering

Learn why your business needs product engineering. Prakat discusses what it is and why it’s important. Read about our design, develop, and deploy strategy.
Application Modernization

The Application Modernization Process: an Overview

Modernizing and updating current procedures creates advantages in both efficiency and productivity. Learn more about the application modernization process!