When the industry started realizing the capability of Global Technology Centers (GTCs) and Global Innovation Centers (GICs), it was primarily as growth areas for internal IT functions for larger organizations to realize the potential of cost advantage.

We have helped these larger organizations capitalize on these cost advantages at huge scales by leading the process of expansion through GIC capabilities. This was largely the trend for the better part of the last ten years (with a handful of smaller organizations run by leaders who have exposure working in multinational corporations looking toward offshore development centers). In the last 3 years, we have noticed this trend undergoing a steady change.

Today, our team works with a surprisingly high number of companies in the $10M to $100M USD space in the US and EU helping them visualize and set up GICs and GTCs in India and other APAC locations like Singapore and Malaysia. These include companies from varied categories, startups, small and medium businesses to early-stage enterprises that show high potential to scale up over time.

Smaller companies can especially be benefitted by Global Capability Centers through creating the following key advantages:

  1. Leading cross functional efforts and drive process improvements.
  2. Bringing new offerings to the market from innovation based out of the GCCs.
  3. Integration across the business with project management, vendor management, and customer management capabilities.
  4. Leading change management by being a microcosm that adapts new strategies like cloud strategies, digital transformation, and set an example of a working model to the bigger headquarter entity.
  5. Developing leadership and governance strength centers that provide synergy to overall organizational goals.
Global Capability Centers

Through the past year of the global pandemic and subsequent lockdown(s), we have been able to become an extended Global Development Center (GDC) to our sister organizations in the US. We’ve supported them with quick innovations and go-to-market support that helped keep many of them afloat – some of whom quickly became market leaders in their niche areas of business innovation.

Prakat has provided the impetus for technology and integration by serving as a GDC to businesses ranging from restaurants to corporate sanitizing by quickly rolling out agile models of operations and building and managing technology to consume high volumes, deliver virtual services, and support business innovation with data-driven analytics and customer sentiment studies. Prakat also took up the role of being the change management center for some of the technical and digital transformations that were carried out across various partnerships. This role allowed us to help clients achieve seamless transitions through process automation and workforce enablement. Our experiences working with legaltech, fintech, and edutech organizations in setting up GDCs and GICs in the past helped us quickly adapt and become a GDC to our US-based partners when they needed it the most. Ultimately, we witnessed these organizations survive through difficult times with surprising growth stories.

The trend of SMBs looking for Global Development Centers to achieve cost and operational performance advantages is here to stay. Organizations around the world need to start acknowledging and, in effect, capitalizing on this growth factor that will influence the IT world.

Growing through global capacity centers

Prakat Solutions’ Executive Team

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Modernize and transform how you do business in the digital age. The Prakat team is ready to help you get started.

Connect with Prakat.

Modernize and transform how you do business in the digital age. The Prakat team is ready to help you get started.