Has Agile Software Development improved your organization’s operations?

Developing software in an agile production environment means continual customer involvement with support teams throughout the visioning, planning, development, production, and testing stages.

Compared to traditional software development that does not test code until the end stage, Agile Software Development frequently tests functional software code in pieces as soon as it becomes available.

Each new version of software is then delivered to the customer, usually every two to four weeks, depending on the scope of the project. Identifying risks and overcoming challenges occurs early with Agile Software Development testing and can ultimately help speed up the production process.

Iteration tests are part of an agile test plan that includes data requirements, infrastructure, test environments, and validated results, and a test plan is written and updated for every release. Typical Agile Software Development test plans include:

  • Scope testing
  • New functionalities
  • Feature complexity
  • Load and performance
  • Infrastructure
  • Risk mitigation
  • Resourcing
  • Milestones and deliverables

Software application testing in an agile environment can be daunting. The solution? Prakat’s expert Test Engineering services.

Prakat’s Test Engineering Services validate software development roadmaps that include scalable frameworks and continuous testing. Modular, reusable, and cost-effective software code delivers new software products with speed, skill, and accuracy. Prakat’s agile team approach focuses on attention to detail as well as return-on-investment and improved outcomes.

Testing early and often, Prakat’s engineering experts meticulously navigate the continual changes required for successful Agile Software Development. In the end, Prakat’s clients are satisfied with their original software product vision, features, and functionality.

Prakat’s Test Engineering Services include:

  • Mobile Applications – Staying steps ahead of emerging technology accelerates time to market. Prakat helps organizations mitigate the risk of running production-grade mobile applications on multiple devices with varying OS versions on different networks.
  • Advisory Services – Prakat’s expert test consultants infuse on-demand knowledge into quality software. Prakat analyzes testing requirements, resources, and engineering plans to identify and alleviate risks.
  • Migration & Consolidation – Adding flexibility without losing existing data, Prakat manages multiple test environments or consolidates them to assist with migration from existing test tools to a simplified, more effective solution.
  • Test Suite Automation – Utilizing automation accelerators and tool-agnostic frameworks, Prakat ensures impeccable standards of product quality. These tools automate function, regression, and performance testing processes.
  • Performance Engineering – Identifying performance risks and potential bottlenecks, Prakat performs the load, capacity, and stress testing needed to ensure hassle-free performance and user satisfaction.
  • Security Testing – Information security testing addresses data threats that target mission-critical business applications. Working closely with organizations throughout the development lifecycle, Prakat identifies and eliminates significant security risks.
Prakat test engineering services

Prakat’s Agile Software Development Test Engineering Services are part of a larger collaborative and fluid project management methodology.