Cybersecurity in healthcare

The Escalating Need for Cybersecurity in Healthcare and Fintech

Explore how SAAS and IT companies fortify healthcare and fintech data through escalating cybersecurity measures that protect both data and systems.
Generative AI

The Power of Generative AI

The impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) spans multiple business sectors, from healthcare to fintech and many more. Discover the power of generative AI today.
AI Healthcare

The Pros and Cons of Using Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare World

Explore the intersection of AI and healthcare. Read about the innovative ways ArtificialIntelligence is improving diagnosis, treatment, and patient experiences.
What is Application Modernization?

What is Application Modernization?

Discover the importance of Application Modernization to businesses and organizations and how it’s commonly used in today’s technologically-advanced world.
Executive Insights Modernizing Your Business

The Importance of Modernizing Your Business

Learn about the importance of modernizing your business through application modernization, and how it can lead to increased efficiencies and improved sales.
Executive Insights Product Engineering

Why Your Business Needs Product Engineering

Learn why your business needs product engineering. Prakat discusses what it is and why it’s important. Read about our design, develop, and deploy strategy.
Application Modernization

The Application Modernization Process: an Overview

Modernizing and updating current procedures creates advantages in both efficiency and productivity. Learn more about the application modernization process!
Application Modernization

Application Modernization for Successful Digital Journey

The world is a digital marketplace. Keeping up to date with current IT standards is a must. Prakat Solutions delivers application modernization services to customers globally to maximize business and capitalize on modern and innovative IT solutions.

Transition of Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management with 5G

Today a number of global communications and media companies rely on Oracle Communications Billing & Revenue Management (OBRM) to optimize revenue realization and customer satisfaction.

Prakat’s Oracle BRM practice: testing impetus

In today’s on-demand online business environment, revenue generation is critical to business operations. When a company receives glowing reviews from a Fortune 50 ranked company, the level of service