Prakat’s Oracle Billing & Revenue Management Solutions (OBRM)

In today’s on-demand online business environment, revenue generation is critical to business operations. When a company receives glowing reviews from a Fortune 50 ranked company, the level of service provided is a testament to the service provider.

“It feels so good to hear from our customers. This is the second email of appreciation this week. Thanks to (the) Prakat Team for making this possible!!” – Program Head, Intuit, BRM Implementation

From finance to global communications and media companies, many types of organizations rely on Oracle Communications Billing & Revenue Management (OBRM) to optimize revenue capture and their customers’ satisfaction.

U.S. and India-based Prakat Solutions, Inc. (“Prakat”, a division of Dalrada Corp. (OTCQB: DFCO)) is a premier OBRM service provider. Prakat’s extensive knowledge of OBRM deployments across multiple domains makes the Company a preferred service provider for increasing customer satisfaction, an added benefit to the vital function of revenue generation. Prakat does this with seamless deployment and management of their clients’ Billing & Revenue Management-enabled environments.

Leading Prakat’s Enterprise Solutions and Services division including Billing & Revenue Management (BRM) is Harvey Hershkowitz. Harvey holds more than three decades of past executive and technical experience at Oracle as a Director of Professional Services there, he guided product development teams globally and established regional delivery centers. Harvey’s industry knowledge of Oracle aids Prakat’s clients as the global business environment shifts to online real-time models. Based out of Prakat’s global headquarters in San Diego, California, Harvey’s expertise in Oracle’s products integrates with Prakat’s core professional service offerings for tailoring real-time revenue generation platforms for clients of any size.

Also, on Prakat’s OBRM leadership team is Dallas Fort Worth-based Dave Ramzy. Dave is a former North American Oracle Insight Program Director and Enterprise Architect. Dave’s experience with high financial & operational impact Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) implementations adhere to strict information security practices for all of Prakat’s clients. As a cohesive global team, Prakat is driving a robust worldwide BRM practice.

Testing in the Oracle BRM Environment – A Vital Function

Real-time revenue generation with OBRM requires that multiple functions to operate flawlessly. From managing data generation, data capture, and secure data collection to analysis of revenue streams for customer-centric industries, Prakat has several solutions to assist OBRM clients including finance, communications, and media companies.

A key to differentiating Prakat from other finance-focused service providers is its extensive testing capabilities. Prakat accelerates time to deployment that reduces posting of go-live “incidents” or “bugs”. Doing so boosts Prakat’s BRM business clients’ implementations and their confidence of aligning with Prakat for this critical business service.

There are four facets of the Oracle BRM life cycle that Prakat tests intently for their clients. These mission-critical components include:

  • Revenue Generation
  • Revenue Capture
  • Revenue Collection
  • Revenue Analysis

Within these four focus areas, Prakat tests end-to-end processes of OBRM systems:

BRM UI (User Interfaces) Testing

Any transaction by Prakat’s clients or client representatives occur through the clients’ respective graphical user interface (GUI). Prakat’s BRM UI Testing focuses on functional modules where client representatives and end-user customers access the system to ensure that there are no gaps in functionality proving ease of access.

BRM API (Integration/Interface Points) Testing

Some of the complex actions performed on a client’s account must be handled from the backend applications center. These actions would occur either directly from the client’s, the client representative’s or from system-to-system environments. This category of API call is particularly useful by completing the action while simultaneously updating the BRM database.

BRM Server Component Testing

The focus of Server Component Testing is to ensure that all the BRM server components and processes are functioning as per the preset format. This includes creating, updating, and deleting customer accounts, and managing the entire customer profile cycle. This includes verifying if a file is generated, validated, and is moved to the respective directory when an action is performed.

BRM Database Testing

One of the major components in the Oracle system is the BRM database. This is the central storehouse of all critical customer information details. This level of information includes account details, subscription details, payment type, balances, billing details, and invoice details. All the data manipulation in the BRM database is monitored and validated by Prakat at every step of the information lifecycle.

Prakat’s thorough knowledge of Oracle BRM, from testing to seamless operation, maximizes benefits of the system’s revenue capture functionality. Prakat’s trusted professional services saves their clients vast amounts of time and prevents unnecessary “bugs” that negatively impact the customer experience.

Harvey Hershkowitz, Prakat’s Enterprise Solutions and OBRM Services Division Leader states, “Managing revenue is a critical component for any successful and profitable business. At Prakat, our entire team ensures that our client’s business is in good health by guaranteeing that the BRM environment is steady. Stability of OBRM is maintained across the revenue management cycle with our 3-tiered approach of BRM expertise, Fintech core, and Prakat’s global delivery model.”

The results of Prakat’s OBRM bespoke services speak volumes.

Prakat’s APAC BRM Specialist, Chakradhar Archakam, explains Prakat’s philosophy to consistently delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction for their clients’ benefit.

“Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance at Prakat,” Chakri states. “To achieve this, our team of OBRM experts must reduce lengthy delivery cycles, equip our clients for optimal customer engagements, and improve connections with end customers. Prakat takes great care to provide the best customer experience possible. Thus, Prakat reduces customer ‘churn rate’ as well as introduces new updates to match market dynamics. The end result is reducing time-to-market for our clients. Providing this extreme level of customer satisfaction for our clients keeps Prakat motivated to provide the maximum level of professional services that aid businesses of all sizes with achieving their goals.”

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