Executive Insights Product Engineering

Why Your Business Needs Product Engineering

Learn why your business needs product engineering. Prakat discusses what it is and why it’s important. Read about our design, develop, and deploy strategy.
Application Modernization

The Application Modernization Process: an Overview

Modernizing and updating current procedures creates advantages in both efficiency and productivity. Learn more about the application modernization process!
Digital transformation benefits accelerated with product engineering

Digital transformation benefits accelerated with Product Engineering

Our latest Executive Insights article explores Prakat’s experience in accelerating digital transformations through product engineering.
Delivering better testing and development for changing world

Delivering Better Testing and Development for a Changing World: Understanding Agile Methodology

An Agile model framework and collaborative approach delivers time-saving project management. This methodology translates to better testing and development.
Agile testing best practices

Agile Testing: Best Practices

Have you ever wondered why Agile Testing is so popular these days? Read our latest Executive Insights article to learn more about this methodology and discover the best practices to remember when using agile testing.
What is Agile Software Development

What is Agile Software Development

Accelerate business continuity for your organization with Prakat’s Agile Software Development that also helps improve operational speed through expert testing!
Agile Software Development Test Engineering Services

Agile Software Development: Test Engineering Services

Improve your organization’s operational speed and organization with Prakat’s fluid project management through test engineering and Agile Software Development.
Data Security for an On-Demand World

Data Security for an On-Demand World

With the world’s population participating in online processes now more than ever, protecting personal and business data requires vigilance, the latest technology, and a well-crafted plan for discovering, analyzing, and maintaining information security compliance. Learn how Prakat delivers a true data security solution.
Shift Testing: Left-Right-Left

Shift Testing: Left-Right-Left

Shift left in testing has always important. Now, shift right in testing has become increasingly important. The methods by which we gather data out of production monitoring tools like Data Dog and AppDynamics and turn it into meaningful consumption for testing in automation, performance, functional, integration, end-to-end, and others...
Testing a data lake

Testing Data Lake

We’ve heard about data lakes and their importance, but we rarely talk about a testing results data lake and how it can help us. Companies have always struggled with not having a single place to hold all testing results and related data. All data related to testing are mostly scattered, hard to merge and move around,and have proven to be one of the...